Veterinary Consultation

Consultation for veterinarians to discuss cannabis for a specific case –

Public Speaking, Education & Advocacy

Provides lectures on a variety of different topics such as cannabis and integrative oncology.

A brief introduction


As a board certified veterinary oncologist , Dr. Hazzah has transitioned from strictly conventional medicine to an integrative medicine approach which combines evidence based medicine from both Eastern and Western philosophies. She believes that every dog or cat is unique in their makeup and disease process and therefore, require individualized treatment plans.

​Dr. Hazzah is one of only a handful of integrative oncologists in the country that are trained in both Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as conventional medicine which provide her with a special set of tools to customize treatment plans for every patient.

She is also a passionate medicinal cannabis advocate and believes strongly in the importance of cannabis education. Pet owners are now becoming more and more interested in obtaining cannabis (including CBD) products for their pets and it is essential that veterinarians become more educated about the potential benefits, risks and appropriate implementation of this particular plant into treatment protocols.